Industry Verticals: Category Definitions
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Whether it's lecture capture, the flipped classroom, or online courses, streaming video is crucial to education at all levels from K-12 to doctorate.
From town hall meetings to outbound marketing to training to collaborations and unified communications, streaming video is essential to both large corporations and small- and medium-sized businesses.
Government video faces special requirements, from archiving to closed captioning, that require specialized tools and platforms to deliver it effectively and in compliance.
Today's viewers expect to be able to watch movies and TV shows anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Here you'll find Streaming Media's coverage of OTT, social video, and other media and entertainment video.
The online video industry is an ever-growing ecosystem of technology, service, and platform vendors that run the gamut from traditional broadcast incumbents to disruptive startups.
On the go or in the living room, sports and esports video viewers are some of the most demanding and passionate audiences out there, and streaming is enabling delivery of the biggest games and the smallest leagues alike.